Verve Profile

Verve is a group of artists dedicated towards the promotion of arts, with members across the country.

Verve plays a dual role in promoting art by creating opportunity for young artists to showcase their work, as well as increasing awareness in the general public about the art field.


Its members strive to make a difference through their own work as artists and many are emerging as artists of repute.


The Studio conducts exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and installations,providing a common platform for artists to showcase their art, camps for artists lectures and presentations for art students and workshops for people who want to learn.


Classes for children as we believe that art is so much more than what is taught in classrooms, art plays a great role in their psychological development as well rounded individuals through becoming a medium of expression and also cultivates an understanding of art early on an artist studio that is a space for artists to work, talk, meet up, artist residency to support artists and facilitate greater communication with galleries, buyers, collectors and critics


Charity events because we realize our responsibility towards society. we host an annual charity exhibition to provide whatever aid we can to underprivileged children and animals


Curating and co-ordinating exhibitions as we understand artistic sensibilities and temperament along with buyers needs


Public art works and commissioned work to enable artists to take their work to a greater audience and interaction


We also undertake projects dealing with gallery design and co ordinate art activities for a fine arts college.

We are soon coming out with a news letter.


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