Our Mission


The Mission Statement

Organizing Art Workshops

Verve is committed to furthering awareness about the arts and bridging the gap between artists and the public by making art more accessible and providing a good working atmosphere for emerging and young profesional artists. verve will expand the studio and exhibition programs and provide an educational focus for the visual arts within the city and set up an art residency where artistic exchange and dialogue in the visual arts fosters creativity. verve pursues the following goals:


  • To actively facilitate an informal network of contemporary artists both within the region and abroad.
  • To encourage installation of artworks in public areas
  • To investigate the experimental art practices in newer mediums & develop understanding and appreciation of contemporary arts issues to provide a forum for critical debate.
  • To educate and positively influence the community through the visual arts and make a greater contribution to it’s growth and well-being : to integrate art into daily life
  • To function as a space where practice and theory; artists and the public intersect, a space where emerging artists, faculty and students gather to create, evolve and explore contemporary art.
  • To promote emerging artists and artists from smaller cities
  • Undertake collaboration associated educational activities that create a context for understanding how the contemporary visual arts reflect and express the complex social and cultural issues underlying a changing world
  • To promote visual arts by organizing and being part of related activities,
  • To provide a learning environment where individuals of all ages and levels can develop as fully as possible their skill, expertise and expressiveness in a chosen medium.
  • To work for social causes
  • To draw public interest towards art appreciation and creation.

Providing opportunity for people to learn various Art forms

Organizing Art Exhibitions

An Opportunity for Artists to reach out to Connoisseurs

Organizing Art Lectures

Spreading awareness about Art & Artists

Presentations & Slide-shows

For Art Students to help them meet & understand Various Artists


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