List of Lectures

Lectures, Presentations & Slide Shows

Our Mission

These lectures are for people studying art, or those who are just interested in learning more about it, an interesting way to know about the art industry, history, art and creativity. A variety of speakers explore art and it’s many facets. The presentations are up to the point and direct avoiding any unnecessary information to keep the content simple and easy.The use of slides drastically improves grasping power. A combination of text and images makes things easy to understand and retain new information quickly. Images of paintings, sculptures, or installation art seen on a large scale using a projector while having an expert break down it’s components and explain are hard to forget.

Getting Artists together to work & interact

Organizing Art Workshops

Providing opportunity for people to learn various Art forms

Organizing Art Exhibitions

An Opportunity for Artists to reach out to Connoisseurs

Organizing Art Lectures

Spreading awareness about Art & Artists

Presentations & Slide-shows

For Art Students to help them meet & understand Various Artists


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