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A Charity Show for Under-privileged Children

a Charity exhibition was organized at L&P Hutheesingh Visual Art Centre by Verve in association with A Step Support Lives - an ngo that funds smaller organizations that work towards the betterment of Underprivileged Children, to raise funds for them. Paintings, Prints and Sculptures by Anamika, Arpit Biloria, Brajbhushan Prasad, Deviba Wala, Deepak Dholakia, H.R Kumbhawat, Jayant Maity, Margee Patel, Mukesh Salvi, N. moorthy, Pramod Singh, Radhika Dave, Riddhi Shah, Ritesh Meshram, Ranjit Kumar, Sandeep Soni, Sanyasi Red, Shaam Pahapalkar, Sujit Poddar & Vinod Patel.

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anamika singh, arpit biloria, brajbhushan prasad, deviba wala, deepak dholakia, h r kumbhawat, jayant maity, margee patel, mukesh salvi, n moorthy, pramod singh, radhika dave, riddhi shah, ritesh meshram, ranjit kumar, sandeep soni, sanyasi red, shaam pahapalkar, sujit poddar & vinod patel