One Square Foot Show 2011

A Charity Show for Animals

The show will be organized by Verve to raise funds for animals . The one square foot show will like last year have a large no of artists but this time we'll have fewer artists from Ahmedabad ie 50 and have more artists from outside .. we will be tying up with a local animal welfare group and the proceeds from sales would be given to them. We plan to make this more personal this time by including animal lovers apart from the 'art' side of the show. we' will directly involve people who work with animals to make a greater difference. Stray Animals specially Dogs will be up for adoption . there are a few dogs that are in dire need of medical care with a shelter .. if somebody does not have the time and space to keep an animal we encourage them to adopt a pet and pay for their upkeep. a mere 500/ or 1000/- rs is all that's needed per month. By conducting such shows we also aim to spread awareness and the message 'be nice to animals' .

Glimpse of the Last Years Event


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